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Greeting readers!

Jyeeahhh! The new class that we had been waiting for had finally revealed herself on Dragon Nest SEA! So yeah, I've did some quick research on Academic class.

She provides quintessential long range support thanks to her deadly hard-hitting CANNON on her swift-reloading Bubble Gun. She can also summon robot Alfredo to tank and fight alongside of the team, dealing DPS damage until he's completely destroyed!

Well, upon reaching level 15, the Academic can choose to be Alchemist or Engineer :)

The Engineer is a great range fighter. She uses cannon to spread deadly damage over a large area (AOE)! her attacks become more amazing with her summoned bots like the Mechaducks who are ferocious fighter in their own way :O

The Alchemist is a versatile all-rounder, providing defense by blessing team-mates with healing buffs, and offence by conjuring slime with a myriad of attack abilities, ranging from physical to magical and even POISONS! With her Bubble Gun and her ability to use FIRE and ICE elements, we're screw lol!

*I'm thinking of makin Academic but not sure which path to choose, engineer or alchemist? Well, I'll keep updating soon! happy gaming all!


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