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Adept Dragon Nest

Greeting! so we meet again readers! :D

Recently , I've created an Academic character and chose Alchemist. From Alchemist, I decided that I'm going for Adept.


-focuses on dealing elemental damage, and supporting the team by disabling enemies, boosting stats, and causing status effects on the enemies.
-Adept skills cast very fast and have relatively short cool downs compared to other class's skills for the same level.
-Adepts work very well will Elemental Lords, as both of them deal elemental damage along with being able to ignite them.
-Many of an Adept's skills are flashy and a few are laggy .

I have not reach level 40 so i referred Yak's guide and this for those who is going for Adept, (like me lol!)


Triple Shot: Requirement to get magma punch. OK at dps when you don't have other skills you can use.
Air Shot: Left it at level 1 because it's a beginner skill and not that useful.
Napalm: Requirement for stun grenade. Deals OK fire damage.
Stun Grenade: level 1 because it deals physical damage, but is still good in PvP/PvE for knocking out enemies.
Force Out/Bombardment: Does OK damage, but it's very close range and you can use other, more useful skills in close range (magma punch).

Wax: maxed because the speed boost is useful, and the knock down effect can be nice.
Bubble Shot: Level one because it is good at disabling enemies for a few seconds, allowing you to start a combo.
Dodge: Maxed for obvious reasons.
Aerial evasion: Again maxed for obvious reasons.
Vending Machine: useful to have, and it doesn't cost sp.
Health Bolster: Maxed for more survivability.
Mental Fortitude: More mp is always welcome.
Attuned Mind: He use a lot of mp, so regenerating it faster is nice.


Magma Punch: level 11 only because of sp restraints in my build. an Adepts spam skill. See Magma Punch EX for more.

Summon Slime: Slime is great at dps, level 3 so I could get sacrifice.

Sacrifice: Kills your slimes but heals anyone in the general radius.
Injector: Good for a little bit of hp, requirement to go down the physician branch. Stuns enemies for a few seconds. Low super armor.
Cocktail: A good buff for the party/ yourself, increases stats. Able to always be applied.
Ice punch: chains with magma punch either before or after it. Also a dodge attack, making it a good counterattack.
Fire Pillars: Amazing at dealing damage to large bosses/mobs.Acts a wall for a few seconds, and anything within the circle gets launched in the air. Not maxed due to sp constraint.
Icing Mass: As Chaos said, large AoE, and it lasts for a few seconds. Slows enemies by a lot. Good dps.
Poison Charging: Another dodge attack, can chain with 2 more dodges making it very useful. Also has a slight suction effect, making it good for gathering mobs/PvP.
Disease: A poison grenade, good for poisoning enemies to use poison break on.
Magma Wave: Far and away the best skill an Adept has at this level cap. Massive AoE, massive damage, long lasting burn damage, and relatively short cool down for a level 32 skill. Destroys enemy super armor, and it can be aimed after casting.
Ice Palm: Good at slowing/stunning enemies, deals OK damage.
Mixed Infection: great at poisoning enemies, good at breaking super armor, good damage.
Poison Break: Amazing at dealing damage, but a kind of small AoE. consuming phantoms causes it to do far more damage. Very short cool down.
Sleep: Great in both PvP/PvE. it's a counterattack that allows you to start devastating combos on enemies because they're asleep.
Eureka: Increases your stats. Nuff said.
Alchemy Phantom Strengthen : Element: 100% chance of gaining a phantom from using fire skills.
Icicle Explosion: The Adept ultimate, needed for Adept skills. Great damage, Very fast casting, causes burn damage, and slow effect.
Poison Pool: Has a large AoE, massive damage, but it has a longer casting time. + the sound you make when casting it is cute :3


C2H5OH: Lowers enemies elemental resistance, meaning you do more damage with your skills.
Magma Punch EX: Larger AoE and more damage. As stated earlier, the Adept spam skill. The massive AoE is impossibly useful, it causes fire and burn damage to enemies, and wrecks super armor. Instant casting, too, which makes it a force to be reckoned with.
Ice Beam: Reminds me of those annoying blue lizards that constantly freeze/shatter you. Beastly damage and freezes the enemy. Long distance in a straight line.

Intellect on 3 parts of the armor,
Life on the gloves and another part,
Intellect on both weapons.

Hidden Abilities:
On the weapons/Rings go for:
Magic Damage, Intellect, and critical if at all possible. At least try to get Magic Damage.
Intellect, HP, and agility if possible.

to know more about Whispery : https://www.facebook.com/autumn.whispery


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