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[DNKR] Season 1: New Dungeons

In the video for the new stage and boss monsters are introduced. The shape of a giant octopus boss, the boss of a quick shadow shapes, and transparent-winged butterfly fairy queen appeared. Followed by colorful characters with skill and with the other boss monsters do battle scene shows


On stage, the newly unveiled a variety of puzzles and obstacles appeared. Rolled burning wheels must work urgently to come and there are objects. In addition to monsters, so careful attention to these factors as we progress through dungeons will be able to feel more tension.

In addition, the father of this new stage, the Warrior appeared. Lotus Marsh had already appeared in the quest, but had emerged a short time. In this video also includes scenes and characters and fight it may appear as bosses do not know. Going be really expect any story unfolds.

And user patterns and skills of the eternal rival, armed with the added gimohkeudo boss so he once again appeared. In the meantime, in the hands of users who had defeated gimohkeujiman this time will not be easy.
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