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[Guide] Academic Guide

Gender: Female

Academic Weapons:

Primary Weapon(s): Cannon, Bubble Gun
Cannons deal physical damage and has higher attack power. Cannons have longer range and slower firing rate than Bubble Guns. Shells travel in an arc and deal two hits on impact.
Bubble Guns deal magical damage and has higher magic attack. Bubble Guns have shorter range and faster firing rate. Shells travel in a straight line but dissipates when it goes past its effective range.


Can use Cannon Atacks, Mecha Ducks and Mecha Towers.

Can use a powers of Elements, Magic Poison and Heal.

Job Advancement

At level 15, go to your corresponding Academic Skill Trainer in Carderock Pass to start your class change quest.

You will be teleported to a large room similar to that of the Warrior's job test. Your goal is to shoot down ducks that spawns en masse around the room for 3 minutes. Ducks all die in 1 hit. An NPC Alfredo will be helping you.

If you fail the test, talk to your Academic Skill Trainer again to repeat the shooting range.
If you pass, talk to your Academic Skill Trainer to finish the quest.

Upon job advancement, you will receive an item that allows you to reset your skills. This item expires after 7 days.

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