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[AdventZ] Website development Status Improvement

Hello Guys! ahha So Today Ive decided to Update everything ahhah... and I think i Just overdone myself yet again!. I gambled almost 4 hours of my day and Come up to develop all Three AdventZ Blogs namely

Dragon Nest Blog, and Blade and Soul Blog, and A Little on Grand Chase Blog
to provide you all with the Ultimate Updates of your Gaming life!

For Blade and Soul Blog Ive developed entirely the Whole Blog you can check it out by Clicking the Image

For Dragon Nest Blog Ive developed the Design and Autumn the Noble of Dragon Nest Blog is looking for Dragon Nest Author to help her.... check it all out by clicking the Image

For grand Chase Blog I Added Azin's Span to the Highlights Section hahah Free Render by Jovet!

and if I have the Time I can also Update The AuthorZ Page
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