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[DNKR] New Nests: Professor K & Typhoon Kim Nest

coming through the official website to be on June 07 unveiled a large-scale updates. In this update, the highest level being raised by two kinds are added to the new nest. As the highest level up to 60 'Lotus Marsh' look briefly at the main quest 'barnak' story continues. <Dragon Nest> unique and exciting part of the story this time is how yieojilji expected. In New Nest 'Typhoon Kim' and 'Professor K' will be available for. Typhoon Kim, Nest building and the background with oriental Nest, the various users' life-threatening trap.

Professor k wrapper
▶ Dr. madness 'Professor K'

Converted into a biological engineering Professor K's Nest monsters off the road blocks in front of users. The genius scientist Professor K yeoteuna unexplained illness could not save his wife back and distrust of others, is a figure of ten thousand and two remaining. Appearance of weak and when the fight went on biotechnology research converted into a transformed body, to those who fight it.

Typhoon Kim Wrapper

▶ Typhoon Kim

Typhoon Kim popular among users 'gimohkeu' countrymen as the father of his love for his son and made a community, but it is the person who triggered the uprising kaedeorak. Pride in a long time user of a rival showdown with rival gimohkeuwa greets users.

Event Screen

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and the Video teaser


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