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[DNSEA] Lag Issues

I have to say the Dragon Nest SEA has a lot of lagging issues. So I've did some research on this issue. There are several types of LAG , 
  • FPS Lag /Animation Lag
  • Server Lag
  • Disconnection Lag/Connection Issues
  • Dungeon Lag
  • Random Disconnection in Game
this is just a normal lag,
but there's few suggestions to solve this :3

  1. On the game, click [Esc]
  2. Go to System Setting
  3. Put Graphic Setting on LOW
  4. Put Resolution to LOW
  5. NEVER play in Window MODE

Probably it's a Registry Fault or a virus, use a virus scanner (Mc Afee) or Registry Booster and clean them all or kill all the viruses! (jyeah)


Updating Graphic Drivers/ Buying a Graphic Card is a good solution to lag. Also by turning off the Skill Glow/ Animation.

Now about Animation Lag ( Screen Lag)
Some players enter a dungeon, straight away doing skills and then it freezes!
It caused by your Graphics Card. To solve this problem, you can go to Nvidia and download a good graphic cards. Direct X is good because its free and easy to install.

But there are few factors you really need to look into in order to avoid Screen Lag :
  • CPU (processing unit)
  • GPU ( renders the graphics)
  • RAM (holds the program resources)
  • Electricity

Next thing is Server Lag
Okay there's nothing much to say about this. When you never get lag but you experience it in dungeon (not town) , that means the server is lagging, not 100% but could be the case of the lag.

About Disconnection Lag/ Random Disconnection in Game
It has something to do with Connection and the Server. Check if your Network allows Dragon Nest.If isn't , its probably some sort of Virus/Connection Issues. I've DCed a lot from the game, until I had to called myself DC Queen. But it's a whole new different story after i changed my internet server.

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