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[DNSEA] 450 Mark share event

Hi!!.. Its me CharmSprite and Im gonna be the one who will manage the AdventZ - Dragon Nest Blog here..
Ill update you with 3x dragon nest fun!!.. ahah anywhoo...
Dragon Nest SEA has an event on their 450 days after game launch and their players better get ready for a MASSIVE update coming their way... The event needs 200k shares in their Page's note and if it reaches 200k shares, the massive update will be in progress.. if you wann help... please do so in this link.

It's the dawn of a New Year and almost 450 days since we've launched the game service. Thanks to your continued support and dedication, Dragon Nest SEA is still pushing on strongly into 2013. We would like to commemorate this significant milestone by releasing an entire slew of juicy updates, fixes and changes all in one huge patch — dubbed the '450 Mark'.

But that's not all — we're going to be giving away a FREE [Skill Initialization Scroll] (7 Days) to ALL Dragon Nest SEA players (each account is only entitled to one scroll) if this Facebook Note hits200,000 shares by 14 January 2013, 2359HRS (GMT+8)!

In case the target is not reached by the deadline, fret not! You can still get your skill reset scroll by completing a series of daily in-game achievements. However, this means not everyone will get it though…

A team effort from all for all, or an individual effort from one for one? We’re leaving the choice to you.

In the meantime, enjoy more rocking days ahead with Dragon Nest SEA in 2013!

Go combo crazy in Abyss or Stage modes and attain an SS or SSS rank for a chance to snag better prizes. 
Take note that the following items no longer drop as a loot after this patch:
- Weapon, Armor, Accessory (Normal)
- Pacultas powder and Pacultas Extracts (Rare)

Discuss your strategies and tactics in private as a group with the Private Chat Channel.
Press ‘O’ and select the new Channel tab to begin!

Get rewarded when you join or create a guild! Rewards received will correspond to your character’s level and you can only receive it once.

Guilds also stand to benefit from this because when player who joins and stays in the guild reaches max level, the Guild will receive rewards too! 

New to the game and don’t have a guild? You don’t have to play alone, not in Lagendia! The new Heroes Academy automatically pulls groups of new and guild-less players together to form a newbie-support guild.

Feel free to make friends and share information with your new guildmates! You may choose to leave the Heroes Academy at anytime. Upon reaching level 50, you will automatically “graduate” from this guild.  

Are you the punching bag of the arena, constantly targeted by opponents? Chin up, because it’s payback time! With the new Revenge System in place, you can now spy your opponent’s location and HP/MP bars to execute sweet revenge!  

Battling it out in the Ladder Mode now gives you Colosseum Experience Points for better rankings.

Speaking of which, the Colosseum rank symbols have also been changed. Now it’s easier to spot the differences between tiers at a glance. 

New Guide Quests will be available in the Colosseum, so remember to check them out if you are level 32 and above!

Daily missions will also be randomly added in the Colosseum Mission Room. Completing these will earn you rewards!

I will be updating this Post for some changes.. CHOW!!
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