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[SEA] Non-Stop Dragon Hunting Action, Lagendia Continent Exploration Events and Cash Shop updates

Non-Stop Dragon Hunting Action!


The spoils of mighty dragons are reserved for the strong, so from 30 May to 27 June 2359HRS (GMT+8), prove your worth to Lagendia’s greatest dragons – every day, every week during the month of June! Great rewards await you simply when you follow the Dragon Hunting schedule to start slayin!

Event Period: 30 May – 27 June
Number of Clears Allowed: 1 per day
Resurrections: Unlimited. No resurrection stones needed.

Event Note:

- Character stats are adjusted
- No durability reduction
- Gain clear EXP

You can get [Lv93 Wish Exchange Coupon] from Dragon Hunting Day. You can buy [Lv93 Wish Pouch] from Blacksmith NPC’s Lv93 Store using the [Lv93 Wish Exchange Coupon].

  • You can buy [Lv93 Wish Pouch] at Lv93 and only characters who are Lv93 and above can use the item.
  • You can get various items such as [Lv93 Epic Equipment] and Jewel and Dragon Jade.



A Swashbuckling Adventure awaits!


When he is not rambling on about a hound over his head, you will find some interesting tales being whispered by the street peddler Loffy. If his tales of swashbuckling adventures and sailing through the tumultuous seas are not just tales of a madman, then the only other conclusion is that the crazy beggar is none other than the ex-Pirate King! 

Seek him out and be the judge on whether these tales are true for treasures galore in Season 8 of the Lagendia Continent Exploration!



You can get the following items that match your level when you open the “Gold Treasure Box” in Festive Treasure Warehouse Island.

  • Lagendia Box (Cash)
  • Abyss Earrings
  • Ultimate, Obsession Theano Equipment
  • Ultimate, Obsession Theano Accessory
  • Epic Dragon Jade : Lv93
  • Enhancement Heraldry Plate : Lv93
  • Unique Heraldry : Lv93
  • Lagendia Origin
  • Cube Pouch
  • High Grade Cube Pouch
  • Hero's Box
  • Friendship Item : Magic, Rare
  • Octagonal Water
  • Goddess's Medal
  • Wonderful Points (100)
  • Stage Points (100)
  • Season Points (100)
  • Evolution Hammer Fragment - Theano
  • Talisman Evolution Cube
  • Elevation Cube

Get these awesome items from Loffy’s treasure horde!

1. Personal Ranking
  • There are 2 types of personal ranking – [Number of Gold Keys collected] and [Clear Time].
  • Personal ranking will be calculated on weekly basis and rewards will be given out and ranking will be initialized every week (Every Saturday at 09:00am, GMT+8)
  • Number of Gold Keys collected – This is a ranking for the total number of Gold Keys attained for each round of Lagendia Continent Exploration cleared.
  • Clear Time – This is a ranking for the time taken from entering Lagendia Continent Exploration to entering the last island.
  • Personal ranking will be taken into account when you enter the last island (Treasure Warehouse).
  • The Gold Key you get when you enter the last island (Treasure Warehouse) will not be reflected in the ranking.
  • 1st to 10th place will get rewards.

2.Guild Ranking
  • Guild ranking will be based on the entire duration when Lagendia Continent Exploration is open.
  • (Rewards will be given out for rankings calculated from when the content opens to when it closes.)
  • This ranking is based on the total number of Gold Keys attained by the Guild.
  • The amount will be taken into account when the player enters the last island (Treasure Warehouse) and when the player is in a guild, it will be reflected in the number of Gold Keys collected by the Guild.
  • 1st to 3rd place guilds in the ranking will get rewards.
  • Rewards will be sent to all members of the winning guilds.
Guild Reward
  • Players will get rewards based on their guild ranking for Lagendia Continent Exploration Season 7.
  • 1st/2nd/3rd place Pirate Hat
  • Origin of Lagendia (High Grade)


Sweet Dreams are made of This Cash Shop Offering!


Whether you are preparing for sweet dreams or the heist of your dreams, the Cash Shop has got you covered! Looking your best will never be easier, so don’t leave without picking something up in June’s best offerings. 

Pyjamas Monthly Costume  

Step up your game from the boring ol’ boxer shorts and old-tee by getting your hands on the pinnacle of sleeping fashion! 


Mysterious Thief – Costume Synthesis

Pull up your masks, boys and girls – no heist is complete without hiding your identity with a sweet mask in June’s Costume Synthesis!


Altea’s Gacha Box Update

Just because each box is a surprise, it doesn’t mean that you won’t know what to expect this June! 


Abyss Dark Weapon 


The Cash Shop is waiting! 
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