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[DNKR] Golden Oasis Dungeon Information

Updated: Translated to the best of my understanding.

- I'd like players to have a way of farming more gold and further increase the gold content of the game.
- I hope to achieve a "Jackpot" factor for players who continuously grind and pay off for those who farm gold to eliminate the boring grinding feeling and gameplay.
- I wish to promote growth through players earning more money and follow their specifications.


- Admission is through tickets dropping at low probability during events, regular dungeons, and grinding. A battle with the golden goblin takes about 2 ~ 3 minutes at most.

By entering, you may earn as much as 3000 ~ 5000 gold per run, where the amount varies depending on the level and specification.


- Important factors that may affect gold acquisition during play.
50% Gold
30% Specifications (Stats/Gears)
20% Random


- Dimensional Rabbit Stage, Nests
- Can also be purchased/exchanged with fortification jelly at a points store NPC.

Note: 1 admission ticket is also given on a daily basis where a given duration is given to prevent stacking of the tickets, so you need to use them every day.


1. Is the value of gold going to fall?

In the long run, of course, the value per unit of gold may decline. But for now, we will continue to increase the number of gold recipients to maintain the value of our gold as it is today.

As it was mentioned in our meeting, the biggest problem we have right now is the way of earning gold for players as we mitigate the persistent gold exchange (for real money?).

2. Do we really need to pay, just to enter this "Lotto Castle"?

- I think it would be too much of a hassle for players if we set the dungeon to only be opened at specific times. Basically, you do not need to pay necessarily. These tickets are dropped where every dungeon that consumes fatigue, you will have a chance in getting these rare tickets, where I think will promote a positive anticipation every time you grind.

3. Is the concept of different drops for the admission tickets according to the specifications really necessary?

- think of it this way, A character that has a high specification will not reap profit from these rewards if the gold he is getting is low. Only low specification character will only benefit from these. So basically we want to make it fair for both and to promote growth with these users fairly.

4. So characters that are vulnerable to hunting will earn less gold with the same ticket?

- This is a problem that was not clearly tackled and doesn't have a solution right away. However, I tried to make it really with less of an impact. If you try to play a random box + fever gauge elements during play, you can see our efforts to reduce these influence regarding character balance.

5. You can purchase/exchange tickets with protection/fortification jelly?

- We are looking for other ways on how to use the protective jellies that have been accumulated over the years. I think this is a great way of making the value of the protective jelly more worth it. Currently, the option to purchase admission tickets using protective jelly is planned to be implemented only within a time period for a month.

6. Can we buy it at a Point store NPC (Faction Points Store)?

- In the meantime, the option for these to be purchased using the faction points store is available. Also beneficial for players that have a lot of Faction points. In the future, we are also looking for a lot of ways to make the faction points useful.

7. Is the Talisman of Abundance applied?

- It is something that should be inapplicable, but yes it is applied.

8. Why is there a time limit for the admission tickets?

- I do not want players to have a feeling of panic with these. It may be uncomfortable to use it right away, but the three-minute play is something that we need to understand.

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